Acepace Clearance - the facts about rubbish clearance...

  • This is how all Acepace work is carried out, professionally, courteously.Our service is environmentally friendly and we are fully licensed to carry waste.
  • Our clearance teams are well trained, uniformed, hard-working, trustworthy, thorough and quietly efficient. But they are also friendly and helpful as our customers testify.
  • We can - and often do - work seven days a week to accommodate our customers time availability. If you cannot be there, we can always pick keys up at a suitable place and we can liaise with your neighbours, solicitors or estate agents.
  • We are fully registered with the Environment Agency.
  • We can work with your solicitor, neighbour or estate agent. We can pick keys up and don't require you to be at the property if you are unable to be there due to other commitments.
Rubbish the really needs to cleared Piles of rubbish for clearance.
Our Values
Our personnel are experienced, friendly and are extremely professional. We are always sensitive to the fact that some home clearances we are dealing involve peoples' loss, feelings & possessions that may hold sentimental & emotional memories.
Why do you need property clearance?
Rubbish before clearance. Homes/houses and properties need clearing for many reasons. This is often not the most welcome of tasks and we can clear away all the contents leaving your property clean and tidy.
Rubbish cleared!
  • Remove furniture, carpets, curtains, white goods, clothes and foodstuffs.
  • Clear out garages, sheds, conservatories and out buildings.
  • Empty lofts, cellars and attics.
  • We also clear lofts and attics, cellars, sheds, conservatories, out-houses, garages.
All we need are a few simple details:
A few simple details and we will clear you rubbish
  • The size and the location of the property
  • Parking and access.
  • If there is anything large or unusual in the property.
Nothing is a problem!
Acepace Rubbish Clearance - clean and professional. We are used to dealing with all large household items such as wardrobes and washing machines. In fact we don't care, we will clear anything and everything... pianos, cars or motorbikes.
... and that's all there is to it!

In its simplest form, that is all there is to it! You have no need to do anything else. We don't ask you to sort through, or to bag or box up. Just leave it all for us. We'll do all the work.