Clearance & Waste Management

BIG or small - nothing is a problem...

Genuinely... very few clearance jobs are ever really a problem. We have cleared homes, office and factories.

Rubbish Clearance Rubbish Clearance Rubbish Clearance Rubbish Clearance Rubbish Clearance Rubbish Clearance
No matter how restricted access may be, we will get in and clear it all...

Big or small... where there is access we will find a way to clear out your unwanted rubbish.

Just let us in and we will do the rest!

Do you need a fully licensed & experienced house clearance company?

We provide a full range of full home and property clearance service, removing everything required such as carpets, cookers, washing machines, all clutter & furniture. We also clear garages, lofts, office spaces and commercial buildings. If requested, we can also clean the property to help improve its rental prospects or its sales opportunity on the housing market.

BUT... Don't take our word for it!

Thanks so much for clearing all that wood today...
My wife said you even sawed up the big bits by hand and took those too, even when it had got dark... That's really appreciated.
I will definately use you again for other work we're looking to have done. And recommend you to the neighbours and
other friends in the area.
Thanks again. Sorry it was such a wet day to be doing it. Hope you have a nice weekend.


Arable Barn

Please ask us about our other dedicated services:
  • Office/Shop/Factory Clearances
  • Verminous Infestations
  • Property Cleaning
  • Rubbish Collection
  • Plasterboard Collections

Do you need to clear and old office or factory? We provide a full range of clearance services that are environmentally-friendly.

We can remove everything and anything – from desks/pedestals, chairs, old work stations, filing cabinets and paperwork to electrical appliances, computer parts, electrical appliances, carpets, scrap metal, heavy machinery, junk and verminous rubbish.

We can also remove all kinds of fixtures and fittings – suspended ceilings, lighting and wiring, kitchen units, and so on.

No matter the size of your office, we can clear and remove it - within your schedule - we take pride in being consistently reliable and punctual.

  • We work every day of the week.
  • We have a rigorous environmental policy, use only registered recycling depots.
  • We are fully registered with the Environment Agency.
  • We will get the job done quickly, cleanly and efficiently, in the time specified.
  • Full risk assessment.
  • We abide by all requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Regulations.

Once you’ve given us your instructions, we can usually start the clearance within 1/2 days.

A typical 'verminous' property invariably contains verminous matter such as decaying food, animal or human faeces, clinical waste, needles, syringes and drug related waste or decaying waste in general. Verminous properties represent both a health and environmental hazard and you can be prosecuted if the waste isn't removed and disposed of.

For example you may need to clear and dispose of:

  • any decaying foodstuff • any decaying animal carcasses
  • any animal or human feaces
  • contaminated wallpaper and carpets if cleaning is not suitable

We can also:

  • Clean and disinfect any interior surfaces & infected areas
  • Clear and dispose of any infected furniture
  • Clear and dispose of any outside verminous rubbish adjoined or next to the property

When clearing verminous or cluttered properties, we do not simply go into the property and dispose of everything, we know what to dispose of and what to put to one side. We will normally clear the smallest room in the house first to acts as a storage area so that customers can check specific items that may have monetary or sentimental value, such as photographs, important legal paper work, jewellery etc.

PLEASE NOTE: Unless it is major and thorough cleaning contract, we normally only provide cleaning services in addition to a property clearance.

However, if you’re selling or are about to let your property, Acepace Clearance will provide you with a comprehensive property cleaning service and provide a summary of any remedial work that may be required.

We leave your property both empty and sparkling clean – ready to refurbish, to sell, to let or to move into yourself. We only use effective but gentle, non-toxic, environmentally friendly cleaning products. We provide all the cleaning appliances and materials needed. We can provide you with a free on-the-spot quote or, on request, via email.

We work with landlords, housing associations, private individuals, estate agents, solicitors and property-management companies. Do not forget that whenever we carry out a property clearance – removing and disposing of surplus items and junk – we can also provide a basic cleaning service.

For example, we can:

  • Remove old carpets, tiles, kitchen units, fitted wardrobes and fittings
  • Remove wallpaper from walls
  • Clean kitchens, including cupboards and worktops
  • Clean window frames and window sills
  • Vacuum-clean carpets
  • Clean doors, floors, skirting, wood surfaces and ceramics (toilets, sinks, baths)

If we are engaged to clear a property we can also remove 'traditional' rubbish from a private home.

Do you want a large amount of rubbish collected and removed?

Acepace Clearance rubbish clearance specialises in the remove all types of household and commercial rubbish, including:

  • large items of furniture such as pianos
  • scrap metal or timber
  • carpets, curtains, old bed linen, clothes and other soft furnishings
  • computers, desks and filing cabinets
  • kitchen units
  • end-of-life cars, boats, motorbikes and cycles
  • heavy machinery and mechanical hardware
  • roadside and motorway lorry load spillages
  • fly-tipped rubbish
We already carry out most types of rubbish removal. For example:
  • removed large amounts of fly-tipped waste for local councils, etc...
  • cleared fields filled with fly-tipped tyres

The Acepace rubbish-removal service is more cost-effective than using skips – and eliminates the need to hire skips and seek a permit if you lack a driveway in which to park them. (Please note also that certain items are banned from skips, such as TVs, computer monitors, fridges, fridge freezers, and car or bike tyres.)

In brief, we do all the work for you!

  • Acepace is environmentally-friendly and licensed to carry waste
  • We use only registered recycle landfills
  • We commit to get the job done in the time you specify
  • Our staff are experienced, reliable, professional – and friendly
  • We work 7 days a week

We can provide you with a free on-the-spot quote or you can ring or email us to receive a free quote via email.

Plasterboard disposal, the easy way...

Since 1 April 2009, European Legislation prohibits plasterboard from being used as landfilled with general waste. This means that any plasterboard must be reused or disposed of at a specialist plasterboard recycling facility, or landfilled separately.

All plasterboard collected by Acepace is disposed of at specialist plasterboard recycling facilities throughout the home counties and a full audit trail is available. From single off cuts of plasterboard to entire truckloads, our two man teams will free up your time and make your clearance easy.

No matter where the plasterboard is we are insured to remove it from anywhere on the property and we dispose of it at a registered centre. Of course, we even sweep up and make sure that everything is tidy before we go.

Our rates for plasterboard clearances include ample free labour allowances and the loading of the waste, wherever it is on the site. Perhaps most importantly, however, we dispose the waste properly and ethically.

We turn up when we say we will and will not start until you are completely happy with our commitment and quote. Our staff are organised and equipped with the correct tools to complete your clearance in the way you expect.